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Who was the first person to drop a hat và come up with the saying “at the drop of a hat”? What a silly notion, but it actually makes sense once you understand the origin of the idiomatic phrase. I’ll explain everything you need khổng lồ know about “at the drop of a hat” and how you’re supposed to lớn be using it.

What Does “at the Drop of a Hat” Mean?

I would jump at the chance to lớn travel to nhật bản at the drop of a hat. It’s been my dream và part of my bucket danh mục for years.The quái nhân expected me to work late at the drop of a hat, but I had khổng lồ say no because I had plans.My best friend và I could talk for hours at the drop of a hat.Just as I expected, the kids were ready lớn go to Disneyland at the drop of a hat.Whenever there was a party, my sister would start nhảy đầm at the drop of a hat, no questions asked.

Learn English at the Drop of a Hat

And there you have it, folks! “At the drop of a hat” is obviously an idiom, and it means to vì chưng something straight away, usually without even thinking about it. If you ever find yourself needing khổng lồ convey the meaning of this idiom, feel free to use one of the synonyms I shared.

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What Is the Origin of the Saying "At the Drop of a Hat"?

The term "at the drop of a hat" means willing or able to bởi vì something immediately.

Examples of Use:

We"re all packed. We can leave at the drop of a hat. I cannot produce that report at the drop of a hat. I have lớn gather data. Don"t cross them. They would sue you at the drop of a hat. I"d take that offer at the drop of a hat.This idiom originates from the late 1800s, when it was common to lớn signal the start of a horse race by dropping a hat. This practice was particularly common in Ireland, which is the likely country of origin.

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Competing Theory

"At the drop of a hat" originates from fairground boxing in the 1800s. A challenger to the fairground champion would throw his hat into the boxing ring lớn signal that he wants to lớn enter into the fight. (Without a hat, the challenger was easily spotted in the crowd as he made his way into the ring.)A quick look at Google"s Ngram Viewer, which scans millions of books published over the last two centuries, tells us that the term was first used in a published article in the 1830s but did not start become common language until the 1930s.

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